Adversity Makes Strange Bedfellows: How We’ve Come To Be


Thanks for trusting ‘Queer for Take-Off’ to be worth opening! My partner, Aisha and I (Jo), have decided that in our search for community, work-life balance, blending a step-family and being queer in a very white, heteronormative, south-western Ontario border town, it would be worth writing about our efforts. We know from the threads of people we have had vulnerable moments with, that a lot of us feel lonely, wish for a connection to others who have some resemblance to the mess we call ourselves (or not).  

Starbucks is a must-have when you’re travelling in Seattle! February 2018.

If you can relate to any of this, then I hope you enjoy our perspective as well. Obviously, this is an incredibly informal and opinionated space, but I believe we are both level-headed, sympathetic individuals that have walked many different paths in our short time here on earth. We will be writing from a queer, small-town perspective but hope to cover things that are cross boundaries; such as families, health and healthy eating, losing weight, relationships, how to shop for clothes, cooking basics, emotions and things that maybe poke the bear. 

Who we are:

Good hair day! January 2019.

Aisha: Pisces, 25, 5’7″, a smokin’ hot yogi who is spiritually and energetically inclined. 

Aisha will be our resident sound-advice giver, nutrition and cooking expert, and will discuss motherhood, chronic pain, supply sex advice and general body-focused content, and more. Also, the tech-inclined half of us. Her how-to’s and gentleness are what I look forward to sharing with you most, although she informed me this morning, I will be the lead generator. Thanks, pal.

Weekend away in Stratford. Coffee at Revel. January 2019.

Jo: Taurus,35, 5’8 3/4″, a model-worthy smoke show with an eye for the beauty in the everyday.

Jo will tackle the broader scope of all thing’s LGBTQ+, gender (or not), adulting, working out / fitness (maybe), finding community, finding yourself and so, so much more. The brains and motivation behind the decision to start this blog. “I just can’t wait to see how you speak to these people, our people. I can’t wait to see how many lives you’re going to change with your story.” – Aisha

We are a dynamic, ambivert duo who love to laugh, learn, eat and love. We think we are hilarious and will try and bring you into the world that is ours.  And all I can say, from the bottom of our humble hearts, is thanks for pulling up a chair and giving us a shot. We cannot wait to get to know you, too. 


Aisha and Jo

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